GoldBolt FaxSkape Fax Server for 3CX, SMB and Enterprise

Download GoldBolt FaxSkape Setup

Download Server Download Client Download .NET Framework 4.5.2
Build Version: 8.5.18273.1212

Setup Information

The setup will install 32/64-bit binaries depending on the detected machine architecture.

Avoid installing as upgrade if you have 64-bit Windows installed and an older 32-bit FaxSkape Fax Server already installed. Instead, backup old FaxSkape version's files, uninstall old version and install this new version. Afterwards you need to copy the configuration files to keep your current configuration.

Installing the standalone fax client on the fax server machine will install in local fax server mode and will also upgrade server-side client. Client needs the FaxSkape Fax Server installed on same network to work. The fax server setup includes an optional server-side fax client install.

Can be installed in English or Italian. Additional language packs will be available later on.

The fax server and client run in a managed environment under Microsoft® .NET 4.5.2 and this is a requirement. If you do not already have Microsoft® .NET 4.5.2 installed, you need to download and install Microsoft® .NET 4.5.2 from the Microsoft® site using the provided links.

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